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This is just a small list of features that you can try for free right now!

Order management

+ Easy order creation in 1 click

With you can add a new order by simply choosing a date and car model directly from the multifunctional calendar.

+ Fast time and date selection

After all, you do these actions every day, which is why they should be convenient.

+ Current car list

Forget about manual car availability checks. The system will show only available models for the selected dates.

+ Advanced filters

Filter the available models by type, color, category, year of manufacture and manufacturer.

+ Display by groups

If your fleet has a lot of cars, it will be convenient for you to work with groups of cars. We also provide the opportunity to work on the principle of a guaranteed model.

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Customer accounting

+ Full customer base

Convenient list with search, filter, contacts, customer history and such important statuses as VIP clients or black list.

+ Recognizing data from a photo of a document is the only software that can recognize the basic customer data needed for a rental, simply by seeing a photograph or a scan of a document.

+ Role accounting client/agency

If the agency provided you with a client, you can create a link to always remember that this is a partner’s client.

+ Checking the authenticity of a credit card

Thanks to, you can check any credit card for authenticity using a proven BIN code system. To do this, simply enter the credit card information, the system will show all the basic data.

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Ease of work with

+ Quick access to information

Basic order information is always before your eyes. Also, in the calendar, you can put together all of the necessary changes through just a couple of clicks.

+ Modern calendar with statuses
Multifunctional calendar with different order statuses and a real-time situation for a week, month or day.
+ Convenient task scheduler

A daily schedule will always help to keep all current orders under control and plan ahead a daily work schedule.

+ Professional PDF documents
Forget about paper and manual filling. automatically generates professional PDF documents with all of the data. You just have to print, send or save them.
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Start/end rental process

+ Accounting for kilometers and fueling status

The system itself remembers the number of kilometers after each end of the rental. You can also indicate the tank refueling status with a simple selector.

+ Convenient accounting

With our accounting system, you will never forget how much a client has to pay or has already paid. And also at the end of the month, or year, you can see the most profitable positions.

+ Digital signature on the contract

Now all signatures on the contract are saved in real time. The client can conveniently sign the contract on a smartphone or tablet. All you need is an internet connection.

+ Tips for workers

With, even the most inexperienced employees will never forget the processes to be carried out during the rental thanks to a checklist of key points.

+ Convenient addition of damage information

With, even the most inexperienced workers will never forget the important points of car pick-up and drop-off thanks to a list of key points.

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